Our Mission

GROF® Legacy Project is a nonprofit organization with the overall purpose of promoting awareness, understanding, education and training relating to the theories, practices, facilitation techniques, counseling strategies, and healing modalities developed by Stan Grof. Our purpose includes promoting understanding of “holotropic studies” across many academic, scientific and professional disciplines, with “holotropic,” a term coined by Stan, meaning “moving toward wholeness.” We aim to serve humanity in a time of global transformation through research and charitable efforts.

Our mission is to provide educational, training, and community opportunities for people interested in Stan’s work, including mental health practitioners, psychonauts (those investigating nonordinary states of consciousness and the depths of the psyche), people interested in training to facilitate GROF® Breathwork and/or psychedelic experiences, and all those curious about consciousness and our connection to the cosmos. We are committed to principles and practices of inclusion of all interested people including those traditionally not included in educational programs due to race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual or gender orientation.

Our research programs will be designed to promote investigation and understanding of best practices for working with and integrating nonordinary states of consciousness, including investigating the relationship between the insights of archetypal astrology and human experience.

Our mission includes offering community to all those interested in transformation and healing through exploring the depths of the psyche.

For more detailed information about GROF® Legacy Training, please email Jay Dufrechou: info@grof-legacy-training-usa.com