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Here you will find a growing repository of contemporary and historical films, videos, podcasts and other audio recordings relevant to GROF® Breathwork and Stanislav Grof’s work generally.


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The Way of the Psychonaut (2020)


A single documentary film cannot begin to contain the full scope of the insights Stan Grof developed during his 60 year career. Stan was a pioneer in human consciousness research, and one of the primary psychiatrists who developed psychedelic psychotherapy. He later worked with Abraham Maslow and Anthony Sutich to become one of the founders and chief theoreticians of Transpersonal Psychology. While at The Esalen Institute as Scholar-in-Residence for 14 years, he developed Holotropic Breathwork with his late wife, Christina, and founded the International Transpersonal Association.


The Tim Ferriss Show: Lessons from ~4,500 LSD Sessions and Beyond | Stan Grof (2018)


In the summer of 2018, Stanislav Grof spoke with the podcaster Tim Ferris about his history with psychedelic psychotherapy, holotropic breathwork, the future of humanity and healing, and many related psycho-spiritual topics. This is a great long-form interview for those interested in diving into Stan’s work. As the last interview Stan gave before experiencing a debilitating stroke in August 2018, it is a treasure in relation to Stan’s legacy.

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