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The Healing Potential of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness:

The Legacy of Stanislav Grof

Upcoming Retreats in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The GROF® Legacy Project will be offering four residential events in 2024 at Synergia Ranch outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. While open to the public, these GROF® Breathwork residential offerings are attracting many licensed professionals who are on the track to become psychedelic psychotherapists. Many have already completed certificate programs with other schools or organizations. Many express a need to have more hands on experience with people in expanded states. Many realize that they need a safe place to do their own inner work.

GROF® Breathwork has proven to be an excellent tool for those interested in better supporting work in non-ordinary states of consciousness. The skill set involves learning how to carefully prepare people for deep non-ordinary state work; how to create ethical, respectful, and safe settings; how to cultivate the naturally therapeutic presence critical for effective sitting or guiding; and how to provide skillful guidance related to the integrative process that follows a deep experience. All these skills have great relevance in relation to supporting those in psycho-spiritual crisis, the dying process, recovery from trauma or addiction, as well as preparing for work in the emerging field of psychedelic psychotherapy.

Residential GROF® Breathwork retreats at Synergia will offer both a theoretical and practical introduction to the work of Stanislav Grof, MD. They will be highly experiential. Using GROF® Breathwork as a therapeutic modality, participants will have two opportunities to experience the breathwork process and two opportunities to hold space for a partner.


We are offering the following retreat opportunities in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
The retreats are for 4 nights / 5 days.


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September 25 – 29 | October 2 – 6

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Other 2024 Retreats

We are offering the following longer breathwork retreat opportunity at Ocamora Retreat Center, in Ocate, New Mexico.
The retreat is for 7 nights / 6 days.


The Wisdom of Breath

July 22 – 28, 2024

Ocamora pathway to gong

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At present, we are not able to offer scholarships. We are currently building a scholarship fund so that we may be able to offer our retreats to a more diverse range of people. If you are interested in contributing to our Scholarship Fund, please click here.


 If you are interested in GROF® Legacy Trainings in the USA, please visit our sister website:

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“While I have certainly helped countless patients and saved many, many lives in my career as an emergency physician, participating in a Grof® Breathwork retreat allowed me to  witness and directly experience a type of profound healing that I have never seen before. I am profoundly grateful to have been introduced to this practice;  but more importantly, to have begun the process of learning how to hold space that allows this level of healing to happen.”

Itty Matthew, MD

Board Certified Emergency Physician

Holotropic breathwork is a life-changing experience. I had initially come with many questions – and I leave with many more. I’ll keep coming back until they are all answered.  This is one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. It is a moral duty for us to make this accessible to many.

Sarah Slabaugh, MD


GLP offers a quintessential deep dive into the landscapes that reside at the root of personal transformation and agency.   This is a life changing experience and a tool that can revolutionize and potentiate meaning, direction, and healing for creating an extraordinary life.”

Tamara Wolfson, LAC

This was such a transformative experience for me and provided deeper insight into myself, my needs, and my relationships with others. I described my second session as the best massage and stretch of my life – I could feel life being breathed into parts of my body I cannot recall feeling before. I’m leaving here feeling lighter and more connected to myself and my family. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!”

Sam Hermann

The preparation for this workshop was impeccable. I loved the gentleness and attention directed to the group. I loved being in the group and being a witness to the emotional release of others in a group – not just by an individual. I think all the teachers were amazing. And, lastly, the breathwork itself was so transformative as a tool in acceptance of my SELF.”

Selena Engelhart

Somatic Therapist / Artist

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