Winter 2024 Update

Greetings from the GROF® Legacy Project team! New York Times Article Featuring GROF® Breathwork The GROF® Legacy Project  began the New Year with an exciting  Grof-related feature article in the New York Times! In October 2023 acclaimed New York Times journalist,...


New York Times: Breathing Their Way to an Altered State

"As psychedelics move from the underground to mainstream medicine, clinicians aspiring to work in the field are inducing altered states with deep breathing." Article by Ernesto Londoño This article appeared on the New York Times online edition on January 9, 2024,...

Cover screen from the New York Times online edition from January 10, 2024, depicting the breathwork article on the right.

October 2023 Update from the Director

Diane Haug Director  Dear Friends, As the Grof Legacy Project is moving towards its last residential retreat for 2023 we are reflecting on all that we have been able to offer since our first in-person work began in May 2022 at Synergia Ranch, Santa Fe, New...


2024 Retreat Dates Now Available!

We have now posted the first two retreats in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 2024. These are March and May. Additional retreats to be announced soon. Upcoming Retreats 2024 We are offering the following retreat opportunities in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Additional dates...

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