Health Considerations

Potential Health-Related Contraindications

Before registering, please note that GROF® Breathwork can involve strong physical and emotional experiences. This form of breathwork is not appropriate for pregnant women, or for persons with cardiovascular problems (heart attacks, cardiovascular surgery, severe hypertension, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, or arrhythmia), some diagnosed psychiatric conditions, recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness, grand mal epilepsy, or active spiritual emergency. If you have any doubt about the safety of your participation, please discuss your concerns with your physician, therapist and/or with us.

Current COVID Policy / Synergia Ranch Retreats

While public health conditions have improved since 2020, it is also true that flu, respiratory illness, and Covid are still a concern.  Given the close physical contact involved in GROF® Breathwork, we continue to be committed to OPTIMAL SAFETY. Our policies will need to remain fluid.

The Grof Legacy Project will continue to require a TWO-STEP PRE-TESTING POLICY  before arrival at Synergia Ranch.

We ask that you purchase a 2-pkg COVID rapid home test before you travel.  Please take the first test up to three days prior to your trip to New Mexico and email or text your negative results to Kirsten.   We ask that you take the second test just prior to arriving at the retreat center. Please do not continue to the center if you test positive. Contact Kirsten as soon as possible: 310-699-2001.

In addition to pre-testing, we ask that you exercise an abundance of caution in the time between your test and arrival at the ranch.  Please make conservative choices in relation to social activities.  For those traveling by air and other public transportation (taxis, UBER, etc), please consider wearing a mask enroute.

While indoors we will maximize cross ventilation, use of ceiling fans, and have an air purifier in use.  Whenever possible we will enjoy outdoor dining.   Mask wearing indoors (during lectures, as a ‘sitter’ for a breathwork session, or during group sharing) will be supported  for those who would feel more comfortable.

Cancellation Due to Positive Results

In the event you must cancel due to a positive COVID test, your funds will be transferable to a future event minus a $250 catering and admin fee. You may use the transferred amount within one year of the original retreat start date.

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